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I am going for my 1st TT consultation in a couple of weeks and I was told after my second child that i had a umbilical hernia. Has anyone had this fixed at the time of TT and did your insurance cover any of it?

I don't know if you saw my earlier post - I'm not sure who I replied to but I had an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time by my PS and insurance picked up 2/3 of the cost of my total.

I too had a hernia, actually 2 of them per my PS. He did tell me that they would bill my insurance for the repair of the hernias. I wish insurance would cover muscle repairs too

I had a hernia repaired in tt surgery, and my entire surgery tt repair and all was 100% covered. I paid absolutely nothing for my surgery. Most ins. will cover hernias, most wont cover the tt part, but mine did.


My umbilical hernia was covered 100%, and the insurance comvered a major part of the rest of my surgery and all of my hosptal stay. i had a tt/mr/hr on May 8th and didn't pay much for it.

Speaking of ambilical hernias, the funny thing is that my pain in the butt mother in law thinks I got mine from using a vaccuum cleaner. She doesn't get it that i got my hernia from cayying my 2 children who were each born over 10 pounds and both were 24 inches. I'm only 5' 3" and weigh about 103 pounds. My ps almost peed his pants when I told him that one! Deb

I had an umbilical hernia and my insurance company insisted that they would pay for the hernia but not the tt. I had to have the hernia repaired in April and I just had the tt performed in November. Is it ok to say that I have a sucky insurance company on here? Cause if it isn't ok to say that they are sucky, then forget I said it.

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I also had an umbilical hernia and insurance would only cover the hernia repair and none of the TT, despite my filing an appeal with letters from my reg Dr and PS. How can they justify doing a hernia repair without the muscle repair along with it?! I was pretty pissed off, but what can you do?

Anyway, I went on several consults and most PS's said they would break that cost out separately and have the insurance pay it. Some PS's would do the repair and some wanted to bring in a general surgeon for the hernia repair part of the surgery. The PS I chose did the repair himself and said it was such a minor few minutes work in the whole scheme of things that he just did it and never billed the insurance. I think he probably didn't want to deal with the hassle of it all.

On a side note, my BB was so damaged that we weren't sure if the stalk was still attached inside me. It was, but the connection was very tenuous so my PS was unable to really stitch my BB "down" like he would normally, so my BB is very flat (basically flush with the rest of my tummy). It looks OK and considering what he had to work with, I think my PS did a great job.

Anyone dealing with an umbilical hernia should really discuss in detail what the PS has experience with and plans to do well before the surgery. Mine had a few different ideas depending on what he found once he opened me up.

Good luck!

thanks for all the feedback, it really helps!
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