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ive found a lump in my right hands pointer finger just under the inside of the knuckle, i found this initially a few weeks ago when i was in work on a sat night coz my finger was aching like it needed to be cracked but id crack it and it would still be there then thats when i saw this liil white lump under my skin . when i looked at it it seemed to have a purple bruise around it and was sore to touch. this then got worse were i couldnt bend my finger to much then the pain disapeared one day so i left my anexiety behind. now sat just gone the pain and lump and bruise are all back but this time on top of all this i have now got constant pins and needles in that finger and its going blue and numb.
am going my doctors this week after the bank holiday to get this sorted
am very worried
please if anyone can help

not sure if this helps, but I have arthritis and have a lump on the inner side of my knuckle on the pinky finger. I hear of many people having a lump on the ring or pinky finger..... not sure if it is related to your case, but just thought I would throw it out there in case you have other symptoms like pain in joints especially in morning, swollen fingers or toes, reddness or heat in knuckles, pain in back/neck, psoriasis....All could be indicators of some form of arthritis.

Based on total symptoms for all of you - could be several reasons, but only a doc can tell you exactly what yours is - by looking at it.
Arthritis, ganglion cysts, infected hair follicle, tick or spider bite...etc.
Never hurts to see a doc to ensure your remain healthy.

Well I have this same problem. Mine is the middle finger( guessed I have used this one too much)

But the if you hold my finger to the side you can see the little bump. I know it's not a spider bite...I don't think it's arthritis because there is not really any pain in moving it.
It's just weird that this bump on my joint would appear and has been there for about 4 months

Well thank goodness for all of you, because I feel much better now.

Last night a lump appeared at the base of my right middle finger, and I thought, lump on bone, lump on bone, this can't be good.

I have a doc's appt for 3 days from now so she can look at it, but at least I won't lose any more sleep, hair or appetite over it.
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